1DUTE SOCIAL COMMERCE: e-Commerce + Social Media Your BE-Commerce Multichannel in China


Chinese market represent over 600 million digital users constantly growing (it is estimated that they become more than 800 million within the next five years), with over 3 trillion e-commerce transactions per year, with at least one in a 4 that buy online (more than 250 million users) and at least 44% of them buy online at least once a week, more double than Usa, UK and Germany.

Tremendous potential in term of users always looking for newness, occasions and opportunities, especially for products from abroad.

1DUTE Social Commerce

But beyond the numbers above, without the necessary tools, the risk for companies is that may not have any benefit from this scenario simply because: "had not been found"..

Being found is therefore the fundamental action on which the company needs to focus the efforts to build its own business success in China.

Delegate simply the "search engine" is not enough, because many of the products on the Chinese e-commerce are not indexed by the search engines.
An illustrative example: try searching on Baidu (the Chinese google) a product for sale on Alibaba platforms (Taobao and Tmall). Well, you will find that it is impossible!
This is related to the fact that to Baidu is not allowed to index the Alibaba sales channels.

In China exits another channel much more invasive in which Chinese user choose in the "vast sea" of opportunities: Social Media.

On these channels you can really evaluate success or failure for a brand, product, service, a travel destination or even for a whole country.

Essential key is to remember that western Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, are not visible in China. In China necessarily you must use only Chinese social media channels in order to achieve the objective to engage and interact with Chinese consumers.

Based on these considerations, Yiduqiao has prepared a specific SOCIAL COMMERCE solution that combining Chinese Social Media channels and e-Commerce, allows to the International company not only be found and interact with consumers, but in the same time, also can sell own products in Cross-Border and in e-Commerce in China and traditional channels, B2B and Shops / Supermarkets.

1DUTE Social Commerce


Yiduqiao is Chinese company based in New Pilot Shanghai Free Trade Zone with Chinese licenses for E-Commerce, Import / Export, Retail / Wholesales, Cross-Border, O2O (off-line to on-line), Advertising, and Social Media and its own distribution platforms and B2B e-Commerce(B2C).

1DUTE SOCIAL COMMERCE allows the company to activate an operational tool that immediately make available a combined channel SOCIAL MEDIA - eCOMMERCE in China at a very, very moderate price (See price link), all through a fully digital management and transparency in all its steps.

Three steps to activate your SOCIAL COMMERCE in China:

1DUTE Social Commerce How Works


As first step the company needs to activate the e-COMMERCE channel on which to insert the products / services and offers that intends to sell in China (and Interntional Markets).
To allow this, at the company is activated one account on the Yiduqiao eProcurement with which manage the product sheets and the orders process.
When finished the products insertion in the eProcurement and received the approval by Yiduqiao, the company start to sell immediately in Cross-Border mode (with shipping own products directly from Abroad).

More information about Cross-Border at the following address: http://yiduqiao.com/cross-border.html


Contextually with the activation of E-Commerce channel, as second step, will be activated the company Chinese SOCIAL MEDIA used as interactive channel, to provide company information, own products and offers.

Which SOCIAL MEDIA channel choose for your company in China?
This is a fundamental point from which start also because it must be observed that in China there are many social media, regard textual content, images and videos uploads.

During selection must be kept very well clear the objectives, because differently what happens in the west, each of them is less specialized and have a lot of functions sometimes overlap with competitors. For this reason we suggest to focus on three of them, which together can cover the entire social media outlook effectively: Sina Weibo (for traditional Social Media), WeChat (for Interactive Social Chatting) e Youku / Tudou (for videos).

In relation with company targets it may be used also other social media more specialized than aforementioned (ex. Renren...), but these three can be a good starting point to build an effective SOCIAL COMMERCE strategy in China .

The operational steps to follow are:

  • Account activation on SOCIAL MEDIA selected
  • Activation of the procedure to become "VERIFIED USER".
    This is a fundamental aspect and requires original documentation by the company to be completed. In this way the users are sure that the account is really own by declared company.


Once the E-COMMERCE and SOCIAL MEDIA activation process are ended, it's possible to activate the SOCIAL COMMERCE action through publication of company contents, offers or discounts designed to attract the Chinese consumer on SOCIAL MEDIA and begin a process that can lead to the purchase on the e-COMMERCE platform connected and/or in the other channels / shops that have been involved in the distribution project.

Social Commerce 1-Click Buy

Two the operating ways on Social Media activity:
  • Contents produced by Company: The contents are produced by Company in English, sent to Yiduqiao that once translated into Chinese publishes them on Social Media Company.
  • Contents produced by Yiduqiao and approved by the company:The contents are produced by Yiduqiao in Chinese language and translated in English for the company comprehension and approval. Once contents are approved Yiduqiao posts them on Company Social Media account.

A flexible approach that allow the company to define a budget in line to the needs and at the same time, allow it to be directly involved in the action of sales and promotion, as well as actions related, in a win-win with Yiduqiao which maximizes the return of sales related and brand development.

Either way Yiduqiao handle the Social Media activities ( Comments, User Interactions) and all E-Commerce procedures (purchases, delivery)..


The sectors can be developed with 1DUTE - SOCIAL COMMERCE are:

Food & Beverages, Furniture, Fashions & Luxury, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Textile, Home accessories, Green Tech, Electronics, Industrial Products, Real-Estate, Baby Products, Healthy Products, Medical Devices, Fitness & Leisure, Catering Equipment, Travel & Destinations, Art & Handycrafts, Services.


1DUTE SOCIAL COMMERCE provides a very scalable approach that enables the company to manage any step in a simple and effective way.
All Services and costs have been available in our SERVICE CENTER MALL at the following address: http://yiduqiao.biz.


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