iSTORE - Interactive & Geolocalized Shops


iSTORE is our exclusive Omni-Channel network for your Chinese and International markets.

Combining Real Shop with e-Commerce and Smart Delivery, your client can TRY and BUY your product anytime and everywhere in 1-CLICK!

With iSTORE your customer can decide to buy your products everywhere and receive easily @home without barriers.


iSTORE combining geolocalized Real Shops distribution with Trading / e-Commerce and Cross-Border functions, gives to your brands and products an interactive way to be connected to yours Consumers, optimizing your distribution network.
A flexibility at your disposal that permit to start from a simple Flyer everywhere, Flash Mob Sales, single Shelf, Corners, temporay shops to real mono or multi-brands shops.

You simply delivery to iSTORE only a little quantity of your products to permit direct contact for your customers, tasting activities and evaluation. Purchased products will be delivered @home to customers from your / our warehouse or factory, in China or in Cross- Border, in accordance with arrangements made at the time of your activation.

iStore target clients are both B2B and B2C customers.

iSTORE - Interactive & Geolocalized Shops

There are many advantages and benefits for the company and Chinese consumers:

  • Your Customer can try your products before buy and receive easily @home.
  • Traveller abroad can visit your flag store, factory, buy and receive easily@home.
  • All products are authenticated and tracked by QIAO TAG.


Defined a distribution strategy, iStore Locations involved, products stock avalability and inShop activities planning, starts sale activities omni-channels using the real shops as showrooms where customers can try products before any purchase and complete the transaction where and when prefers. Your customers can get your products in 1-CLICK BUYING and delivery easily @home.

How it works / iSTORE - Interactive & Geolocalized Shop
  • Define Stock Location: Free Trade Zone in China, Other Warehouse, Your Factory, Stock Abroad.
  • Move Product inShop in accordance with arrangements and defined strategy.
  • TRY Activities inShop: Tasting and Product evaluation.
  • Buying action directly @Shop, Everywhere outside or when customers are back home.
  • Purchased products will be delivered @home in accordance with stock arrangements or pick-up inShop selected.


iSTORE is a very flexible format in term of interaction and used spaces: from Street Guerrilla Marketing using Interactive FLYERS to a simple Touchable TV Corner, from a simple corner somewhere to a temporary shops open in the middle of a high transit area, from a single product desk to an entire flag store. Your Customers can always interact with your products and buying in 1-CLICK.

In actions / iSTORE - Interactive & Geolocalized Shop Network
    iSTORE Try & Buy Interactions:
  • Shot & Buy: Consumer shot the product code and 1-Click Buy from Mobile.
  • See Video, Touch and Buy: user can see a emotional video and interact with product connected and available to be buy in 1-Click!
  • Consumer can now select products / offers from your Flyers in 1-Shot by QR Code directly into the shop directly from own mobile.
  • All products can be authenticated and tracked by QIAO TAG.


Innovative, Flexible, Faster, cheaper, more efficent, more direct, digital, international, always around your customers are only some advantages using iSTORE for your distribution. Your Customers now can try and get your products in 1-CLICK BUYING or repeat the purchase knowing the value of the products they are purchasing .

Advantages iSTORE - Interactive & Geolocalized Shop
  • Combined Distribution: Real & Digital Commerce, Social Commerce Channels, inShops activities, iStreet Actitivities.
  • Consumer can try your product: Understanding Product Value, Sharing Brand Experiences....
  • 1-CLICK SHOT Everywhere to buy your products Online & Offline, Delivery @Home, Pick-up inShop.