OUR BE-O2O Combined Strategy

Combining virtual distribution channels (e-Commerce, Mobile, Social ..) and real channels (Supermarkets, Shops, Corners ...), we minimize costs and investment needed for test-market and distribution activities in China. The ideal solution for manufacturers and Companies that want to enjoy the use of a multi-channel platform and cross-media, to distribute their products in China.

O2O Model


YDMALLS.COM is the exclusive Mall@Yiducity in which selected geolocalized iStores, Shops and offers are dynamically available where the user is located and/or fits with user shopping desires.
TRY & BUY activities, temporary shops, flash mob Shopping and delivery @home.

YDMALLS allows to activate an Omni-Channel distribution that integrate Off-line distributions inSHOP and Online sales in e-Commerce / Cross-Border (Web, Tablet, Mobile , App).
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BEXPON: 365 days Fair Market in China!

BEXPON@Yiducity is the first full-channels market fair in China, which empowers you with a non-stop 365 days commercial activity and multi-channel, multi-events distribution - optimizing and saving costs - suitable for Companies that already operate in China or plan to.

By combining traditional exhibition activities and B2B private events, direct sales via e-Commerce and Cross Border, traditional distribution and thru Real shops / Supermarkets, with BEXPON your Company is best fitted to control the Chinese market without investing in a local own organization and/or obtaining all the specific licences.
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FLYON is our exclusive solution channel for your Flyers, Coupons, inShop and iStreet Activities.
“Connect your Brand directly with your consumers is our mission!”
Do you want your flyers become interactive and geolocalized to promote your commercial & business opportunities worldwide, localizing your business in one Click?.
With FLYON all your dreams come true: now your flyers become Interactive and geolocalized and link your customers to your products and sell to them in one Shot!.
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1DUTE VIP CLUB @Yiducity is our exclusive sales channel.
“Move your Brand directly into the houses of your potential consumers is our mission!”
Members are Retail Consumers (Families, housewives, managers, food & travel lovers, employees) and Professionals ( Distributors, Shop Owners, Investors / Entrepreneurs) in China and International Markets.
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OUR iSTORE Network

Yiduqiao manages its own iStore distribution channel and sales in 166 major Chinese cities and can manage effective and incisive direct actions to B2B distribution and retail users (B2C),as well as create Club of users and group buying, professional and retail for International Brands.
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inSHOP Activities

Each product imported and distributed by Yiduqiao in China and abroad, uses the SmartLabels Qiao Tags. This allows us with our O2O Platform to activate interactive initiatives with retail outlets and also with the consumers too in real time, on the entire Country and internationally (travelers, buyers, multi-country distribution etc..).
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Yiduqiao in his activity manages its own corners in real shops and supermarkets in China and abroad. An integrated multichannel network to support new market and distribution activities, combined with marketing strategy and promotional activities and also co-marketing between different brands and producers. An effective infrastructure to reduce risk and costs, optimize and monitor the actions on different markets.


Yiduqiao manages its own Showrooms and promotional locations, in which local clients can be in touch with products distributed on Yiduqiao Channels (Online and Offline) or be used also to test the real interests for a product before any market campaign and organize the distribution, a concrete infrastructure to reduce the risk and cost connected.