BE-COMMERCE LAB is the first SHARING ACCELERATOR specialized in BE-Commerce (e-Commerce, B2B e Cross-Border), O2O and Omni-Channels projects.

Through sharing of expertises, assets and business licenses necessary for Chinese business activation and development, combining among them e-Commerce and Cross-Border, digital spaces and real distribution, Online and Offline (real stores), selected projects intend contribute to create a trade without barrier (BE-Commerce).


To sell and distribute in China using digital channels and e-commerce are necessary real companies and business licenses. Furthermore exist possible limitations and restrictions if the business is activated by a foreign company.


Our goal is creating and developing innovative projects by SHARING operational skills, assets and business licenses owned by Shanghai Yiduqiao and in this way contribute to develop Digital Commerce projects on Chinese market, reducing the risks and time to market for selected projects, thanks the opportunity to use business licenses of Shanghai Yiduqiao directly, that include:

  • Logistic license (last mile and door to door, catering e handling products)
  • Import & Export licenses required for the direct handling of import and export, storage and customs clearance,products labeling, reduction operating costs without agents.
  • Founded in Shanghai Free Trade Zone: fiscal and regulatory advantages (ex. favorable taxation, customs clearance on sales, account management in offshore and multi-currency payments, Duty-Free request)
  • e-Commerce and digital channels licenses, billing in Chinese RMB ( Web and Mobile channels).
  • Retail and wholesale licenses to sell on digital channels and off-line shops, sales in e-commerce and own outlets offline directly activated (Temporary shops, Flag stores, Corners ...).
  • Licenses for Advertising (online / offline and different channels and media). Direct management nationwide and purchases necessary spaces on the various channels (on-line - Above / Below the line, Digital Direct Marketing Campaigns Cross-media).


To allow full access to the business resources available (Business Licenses, full commercial operations: e-Commerce, local bills, customs clearance, warehousing in free trade zones etc ..), during the acceleration phase and until defined in the agreements with the company, the selected project will be activated as division of Shanghai Yiduqiao and in this way can enable the project to benefit immediately of Chinese company status.


BE-COMMERCE LAB allows to selected companies to share SHANGHAI YIDUQIAO assets and licenses in their projects and also to have access to solutions and innovative platforms available into the accelerator by Shanghai Yiduqiao or its partners and other companies involved, in order to speed up the project development through the sharing of the results and distribution channels already available. .

An environment that encourages cooperation between projects and companies involved, in order to help innovative projects and maximizing the return on investment of the partners involved.



The core advantage: for the selected company BE-COMMERCE LAB offer the same operations and functions of a new chinese company setup.
But with BE-COMMERCE LAB is possible reduce the risk, budget and timing because no need to open any company in China.

In fact with BE-COMMERCE LAB:

  • No incorporation cost for company,but direct access to the Shanghai Yiduqiao in China.
  • Immediate activation of operations without any setup and incorporation activities.
  • Clear timeline of activity: the operations start immediatly as Chinese company according to the program established (3 months, 6 months or even more depending on needs). Therefore you can decide to restructure and / or suspend the operations easily and without additional costs typical in case of traditional management: no lease, no layoffs and no company closing procedure.
  • Your company remains the owner of the distribution rights which therefore remain entirely in charge of your company. This allows you to define agreements with third parties without any restriction, as you can negotiate at any time an import and / or distribution contract with Shanghai Yiduqiao as extension of this acceleration program.
  • No cost for staff or employees: Shanghai Yiduqiao staff will directly manage all activities.
  • No operational restrictions as a foreign company: when foreign companies intend to start their own business in China, they can have some limitations related to their foreign company status. With BE-COMMERCE LAB your project has the same rights as a Chinese company in terms of activities, thanks the lever on Shanghai Yiduqiao 100% chinese business licenses.
  • Costs transparent and defined: the acceleration agreement includes clear estimate costs. Any additional cost will be pre-agreed and defined by specific agreements.