BEXPON redefines the fair and exhibition model where you can promote, distribute and sell your products - services, avoiding the problem of physical meetings, travels and health risks.
A simple and complete full service approach with 5 exclusive promo-sales modules to not to stop your business: e-BOOTH, BEXPON @WECHAT, BEXPON iSTORE, BEXPON LIVE TALK, BEXPON SHARTIFY.

BEXPON@Yiducity is the first full-channels market fair in China, which empowers you with a non-stop 365 days commercial activity and multi-channel, multi-events distribution - optimizing and saving costs - suitable for Companies that already operate in China or plan to.

Among other things, with only one products samples set the multi-fair participation in China without having to continue to shipping it from abroad for each fair, but simply entering and leaving from ours Warehouse in the Free Trade Zone.

By combining traditional exhibition activities and B2B private events, direct sales via e-Commerce and Cross Border, traditional distribution and thru Real shops / Supermarkets, with BEXPON your Company is best fitted to control the Chinese market without investing in a local own organization and/or obtaining all the specific licences.

BEXPON@Yiducity is the Exhibitions Market and Multi-Distribution Center of Chinese Company Shanghai Yiduqiao, which manages all the necessary formalities and activities with its own licences for import, distribution, e-Commerce, logistics, wholesales and retail sales, in a goal-oriented Win-Win partnership with the participating Companies.

A special calendar of promo-sales events that lasts 365 days covering China and International Markets
  • B2B Invitation Expo: buyers are invited to BEXPON Warehouse/Showroom, which like a real closed doors fair facilitates purchasing /distribution agreements.

    Among the options you can choose within the BEXPON produtcs there are:
    - shipment of the product empty packaging (costs saving option to introduce the product, but doesn't allow to test it)
    - shipment of the product samples to the warehouse (suggested to allow a better first-hand experience for the potential buyers)
    - shipment of larger quantities of the product for direct distribution: in this case, beside the test samples, you can send a substantial quantity of the product into our warehouse located in the Free Trade Zone, where it doesn't need to complete the import operation (suspended duties and taxes) yet it is ready to be sold on the Cross-Border channel and/or on the B2B and B2C channels (after obtaining the Chinese label).
  • Optimized participation to official fairs and trade fairs: Your Company can choose corner or a whole stand of your preferred size inside the BEXPON stand and the products are shipped directly from our warehouse in Shanghai Free Trade Zone to the fair. After the fair the products are sent back into the FTZ warehouse so that they are available for the next fair or activity (save a lot on international shipping and no need to send the product back to the Country of origin after the fair).

    You need just one samples set for your multi-fairs participation in China, avoiding to ship samples forth and back from your Country for each fair event: the products will simply get out and back in our warehouse in the free Trade Zone, saving money and time!
    Please note: This process is allowed only if the stand at the fair is officially in the name of Shanghai Yiduqiao. If the stand is in the name of a Company without branches in China carrying the due licences and directly owning/renting the FTZ warehouse from which the samples are sent to the fair, it is not possible to avoid sending/returning the samples from/to the Country of origin at each fair.
  • e-Commerce / Cross-Border sales: For the whole time agreed, your products will be distributed thru the channels 1DUTE (B2B and B2C) and 1DUTE VIP CLUB. This gives you a direct channel, active 24/7, to support commercial, sampling acquisition and promotional activities, fair exhibits and sales and specific events organized on the territory.
  • For the products that are already importable (with Chinese label and registrations...): test market, distribution through sales points / temporary shops / corners in the selected supermarkets that join BEXPO@Yiducity activity.

BEXPON BASE e-BOOTH COST: 500 € / month


  • Activation e-BOOTH @BEXPON (Link)
  • Product Passport, Authentication and Live Tracking Products by Qiao Tag (Link)
  • VIDEO COMMERCE distribution
  • e-Commerce / Cross-Border O2O sales
  • Promo-sales activities and events management


  • Logistic and warehousing costs
  • Fairs/exhibitions cost share
  • Registration of brand and trademarks
  • Translation of product specifications, or promotional material / brochures