1DUTE VIP CLUB @Yiducity is our exclusive sales channel.
“Move your Brand directly into the houses of your potential consumers is our mission!”

Members are Retail Consumers (Families, housewives, managers, food & travel lovers, employees) and Professionals ( Distributors, Shop Owners, Investors / Entrepreneurs) in China and International Markets.

Selected exclusive products available in Cross-Border, e-Commerce and O2O (real shops or temporary corners), combined with viral selling actions by own members, permit to 1DUTE VIP CLUB to reinvent the distribution concept “Around the consumer”.

1DUTE VIP CLUB @Yiducity main features:

  • It's Guaranteed: all products are traced by QIAO TAG: authenticity and live tracking in 1-CLICK.
  • It's O2O: our members can buy catalog products online with shipping directly at home or in the nearest store (if available)
  • It's in WECHAT: In China all B2B contacts and negotiations pass through WECHAT. With over 1.2 Billions monthly users, is the biggest digital channel in China and abroad. 1DUTE@WECHAT is the easy and fastest way to promote and sell your brands products in China and abroad. B2C and B2B activities combined, with sell action and customer care directly inside WECHAT.
  • It's Viral: our members can activate their own Shops (1Shop) in which promote the favorite products from 1DUTE catalog to their friends, colleagues, relatives and contacts of their personal and professional network
  • It's Group Buying: our members with their 1Shops, can trigger a buying group and create an order together with their contacts and network relationships, in this way can get better price of products / service they have selected from 1DUTE catalog.
  • It's Flash Sales (deals of the day): our members are invited to buy super special offers or limited editions available only for a period of 24 to 36 hours developed by 1DUTE VIP CLUB.
  • It's TASTE ME Ready: from surveys 93% Like receive Special Coupons or Product Samples and 50% like buy soon product received. With 1DUTE VIP CLUB is possibile activate a TASTE ME campaign using members leverage to delivery to their friends the special Offer and opportunity and their 1Shops to distribute and sell Campaign products. Perfect for Test market and area development, to turn customer engagement in concrete business localized by QIAO TAG.
    1DUTE VIP CLUB Taste me
  • It's BE-Cooperative: our members can request / suggest products they like to buy. 1DUTE VIP CLUB will create wholesales shopping experiences for members in contact directly with Brand & producers.
  • It's Multi-Shopping Experience: our members can buy special products and combined lifestyles special offers and combined packages developed by 1DUTE VIP CLUB.
    1DUTE VIP CLUB 1SHOP Sectors
  • It's Be-Pos:Brands / Producers can use 1DUTE VIP CLUB as direct sales Channel and POS in real or temporary shops, Door-to-Door Activities, B2B Orders, Fair & Exhibitions Sales activities. Perfect solution to sell "on the road" anytime and everywhere without barriers. Payments with Alipay, Paypal, Wechat, Qiao Pay.
  • It's Brand Multi-Channel: Brands / Producers can use their unique 1DUTE VIP CLUB address as direct Promo-selling channels in different situations and marketing - sales actions (Shops, Fairs, Door-to-Door, International / Local Distributions, Special Products, Special Packages and Offers ...). Base account: 10 Channels for Brand.
    1DUTE VIP CLUB Multi Brand Channels
  • It's Price Clear: Base Listing Fee 100 € / Brand (1-CLICK ACTIVATION)
  • It's TRY & BUY: To improve impact of your business using our VIP CLUB, you can ship to our iSTORE some product samples for a real contact offline with our TRY & BUY ONLINE ACTIVITIES. (TRY & BUY Costs: 100 € / Month / SKU)