1DUTE "Zero Cost": our e-Commerce Cross-Border for your e-Business in China (and international markets)

e-COMMERCE CROSS-BORDER means that Chinese consumer buy directly from international producers or from an e-Commerce platform not in China and receive the product from abroad.

1DUTE International Cross-Border Action

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is Yiduqiao special solution for companies, manufacturers, shops, boutiques, international stockists to sell their products in China, on Chinese e-Commerce Platform or Cross-Border mode and shipping directly from their country.

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is also designed to allow companies to be able to carry out market tests directly in China with a wide range of SKU's and/or new edition/packaging.
Only after the outcome of this test, the company can decide to send the best performing products in China and start direct selling "China-to-China", integrating this with traditional channels in a single country distribution strategy. (See Be-Commerce)


Yiduqiao is a Chinese company based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with Chinese licenses in order to manage directly E-Commerce activities, Import/Export, Retail/Wholesales, Cross-Border and O2O (off-line to on-line) and has its own distribution platforms, B2B and e-Commerce (B2C).

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is a special section of our BE-Commerce platform that allows you to sell on B2B channel (Professionals) and B2C (retail). The difference between the two channels is simple:
- at B2B customer will be required a minimum purchase quantity of products, as established by your company in our procurement (cartons, pallets, containers),
- at Retail customer will be allowed to purchase a single product.

1DUTE International Cross-Border


B2C (Retail):shipping will be by express courier to the buyer with pick-up at your company/store, or other location decided at the time of service activation.

B2B (Professional): shipment by cargo handled by Yiduqiao. Pick up products at your company, consolidation in Yiduqiao Hub for subsequent shipping in China.
In this case products documents from the producer will be required because needed to handle shipping and customs clearance of goods at Chinese customs. The entire logistics process is handled directly by Yiduqiao, as well as import with own licenses, so you don't miss any opportunities, because often Chinese buyers do not have an import license and would not be able to import your products except through other importer (with extra costs for the buyer).

There are many advantages and benefits for the company and the Chinese consumer:

  • Define a strategy for storage, distribution and delivery using the leverage offering by New Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Shanghai and so take advantage of the existing tax benefits, tax-free and simplified management of customs procedure.
  • Sourcing / Supply Chain Management
  • Product labels and customs procedures
  • Integration among B2B, e-Commerce, Retail
  • Direct Warehouses Management
  • Traceability / Product Qualification (Qiaotag)
  • Trademark registration for china market


All Products on 1DUTE.COM are certificated and traced by QIAO TAG Smart Tags and your customers can verify in real time everywhere (any eCommerce, any Shop ..) without barriers.

Qiao tag Smart Tags tracking system

There are many advantages and benefits for the company and the Chinese consumer:
  • Product Authenticity and Certification in 1-CLICK.
  • Real-Time Traceability (Mobile, Internet...)
  • Guarantee activation in 1-CLICK
  • Customer Care in China in 1-CLICK
  • Product interaction and marketing activities connected


1DUTE "Zero Cost" use the following procedure:

  • buyer (B2B e B2C) pays on 1DUTE International Website for the purchase of the product
  • the product is sent by express courier (B2C) or cargo (B2B)
  • Yiduqiao (owner of 1DUTE International Platform ) pay the producer according to the conditions that have been established at the time of its activation on 1DUTE "Zero Cost".
1DUTE International Cross-Border


Chinese B2C Consumers (Retail) once they have bought a product, according to the Chinese laws, within 7 days may require replacement / refund.
With 1DUTE "Zero Cost" the procedure will be directly handled in China and in Chinese, thereby avoiding of having to send product to original country. This is also very useful to be able to easily check any real problems reported by Chinese buyer and manage better the situation with direct producer cooperation.

Clearly all costs associated to that procedure, will be borned by the producer/owner of the account on 1DUTE "Zero Cost" from which was bought the product that was scheduled for replacement, in accordance with the procedure will be approved between Yiduqiao and the manufacturer at the time of its activation on 1DUTE "Zero Cost".


In 1DUTE "Zero Cost" no costs for the producers companies for management of own account and shipping / Customs costs, all payed by the Chinese buyers.

However, be highlighted that in 1DUTE "Zero Cost" are excluded and therefore do not form part of this offer, any costs relating to the registration of Trademark and/or product on china market, translations of product sheets and descriptions, Chinese Social Media activation and related activities, online / offline promotional material that the company considers to prepare or other costs associated with the return policy procedure above.

There is not any commissions for producers on B2B ( Professional) and B2C (retail) sales.


The selected companies B2B products on the platform 1DUTE "Zero Cost", will have the selling price so calculated: price manufacturer plus 10%, considering the wholesale price posted by the manufacturer in their account on 1DUTE "Zero Cost", as shelf cost applied by Yiduqiao on products sold on 1DUTE e-Commerce B2B Distribution.


1) Subscription to the program 1DUTE "Zero Cost" at this link

2) For selected companies:

  • account activation on our eProcurement of our BE-Commerce Platform
  • introduce the products you want to sell in your assigned account
  • management in cooperation with Yiduqiao team about the final version of product descriptions and activation on BE-Commerce Yiduqiao Cross-Border.

3) Once the product has been approved, start saling activities in Cross-Border

4) At the time of purchase the buyer pays on 1DUTE "Zero Cost" and awaits to receiving the purchased product

5) B2C (Retail) and B2B (Professional): payment when goods pick-up at the company by Yiduqiao