GFTZ@YIDUCITY is an innovative international O2O platform(On-line - Offline) extending the Free Trade Zones action and potential through the digital leverage..

By providing an integrated direct support on logistics, payments, regulatory management and related customs procedures, in combination with the operational actions with distribution networks and international operators, offers to the companies a concrete support in their internationalization on different markets.

Through an interconnected network of BE-hubs in different GFTZones, GFTZ@YIDUCITY exclusive iDESK PANEL makes possible to access to services and functions to manage directly the activities on different markets at unique conditions and exclusive approaches.



Integrated Logistics + Import + Warehouse + Distribution solution specifically designed for your trade and e-Commerce in China and International markets.

Each GFTZ manages all Import & Export activities, distribution, customs, products labels and product repack:

  • Fiscal & Customs advantages in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and different FTZ's worldwide with concrete benefits on tax, duty-free and simplified customs procedures
  • Management Sourcing / Supply Chain
  • Product Labeling and Customs Procedure
  • B2B, e-Commerce, Retail integrated among them on site
  • Direct Warehouses Management (Dry, Frozen, Controlled Temperature)
  • Traceability / Product Qualification (Qiaotag)
  • B2B multi-channel activities, multi-events with BEXPON (The Market Fair O2O)
  • Acceleration Program BE-EXPORT to give a boost to international activities and immediate direct access on different markets
  • O2O Promotional and sales activities in YIDUCITY (The Global City Built Around Your Customers)


GFTZ Global Free Trade Zone

YIDUCITY is the integrated solution to boost International Trade & Commerce by combining virtual distribution channels (e-Commerce, Mobile, Social ..) and real channels (Supermarkets, Shops, Corners ...), minimizing costs and investment requirements.
"Try & Buy" multi-channel and cross-media services at your service!

Global and multi platform solution with which:

  • to contribute to the international interconnection between the different existing Free Trade Zones
  • to contribute to extend Free Trade Zones leverage practices even in areas and countries where not already actived agreements of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and / or similar special areas
  • to contribute for a simplification and more trade efficiency between nations (Cross-Border) in full compliance with existing legislation in different countries
  • be the platform and network for effective enterprise internationalization with which reduce startup costs and integration into the different markets and their development
  • to integrate in a combined way among them Digital Commerce (e-Commerce), traditional commerce (trading and B2B) and business on real spaces (O2O)
  • shorten and optimize logistic and commercial value chain for consumers and maximize the return of businesses
  • encourage both the movement of goods and services within in a combined way between them
  • make available a set of instruments and enabling tools which allow more effective actions for companies and multinationals and at the same time promote the use of these levers for the SMEs and individual persons
  • promote at the institutional level the development of a country strategy that use free trade areas laverage as an innovative interconnected model for a trade without barriers 'digital based'


The exclusive panel to manage features and services available on the GFTZ network